Start trading with BitQL app immediately

Trading with BitQL app is easy and hassle-free.

Firstly, visit the official website of the BitQL software. There, you must provide some personal information to open the account. After verification, you will be given access to the trading account.

Before proceeding to trade, you have to transfer money to the account. The minimum deposit is $250. There are different ways to make the payment. You can opt for Visa, MasterCard, etc.

If you are worried about the security regarding banking information, then you don't need to! The platform has SSL certifications to safeguard user's data.

Demo trading is not necessarily an essential step that you must take. It is offered to aid the traders to gain experience of the trading ways of the platform. If you are a novice in crypto trading, opting for this feature will help you understand the functionality of BitQL.

Now, you are ready to start live trading. However, you must set the trading limits beforehand. Once you save them, they remain unchanged till the next time you make changes. After that, the algorithm works to find the best deals and places trades that will bring you a significant amount of profit.

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Token Details

Token Distribution

Token Distribution

  • airdrop/bounty-percentage 12.92 % Airdrop/Bounty
  • marketing-percentage 3.75 % Marketing and Team
  • ICO percentage 83.33 % Sale Drop ICO

Use of Proceeds

  • legal-ops-percentage 5 % Legal Operation
  • operational-cost-percentage 5 % Operational Cost
  • tunez-app-dev-percentage 40 % Product Development
  • marketing percentage 50 % Marketing and Lisiting

What to keep in mind before starting trade with BitQL app?

It is natural to feel the excitement when you are about to start trading on BitQL platform. However, you must take into account certain considerations before you do so.

  • Invest money that will not affect your finances. In other words, make sure you have disposable income before investing.
  • It is advisable to start trading with a minimum amount - $250.
  • Learn more about the market before making any critical decision.
  • Make sure that you withdraw your profits immediately after every trade.

Is BitQL app reliable enough for crypto trading?

BitQL app offers a unique but effective solution, which might make would-be traders doubt its reliability or legitimacy. However, it is true that the automated service provides excellent trading opportunities and is recognized by several trading organizations such as the International Trading Association.


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Do note that citizens of USA, Canada and China are not allowed to participate in this ICO. Read our terms and conditions for more info.

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